We are no strangers to the fact that the grip of the racket is usually a topic of conversation. How many overgrips do we use? Thiner or thicker?

A lot of times, we use different types of overgrips because our hands tend to sweat and we want to feel like we are not losing grip when playing a match. Fact of the matter is that the grip and how many overgrips to use or not use in our padel rackets, goes beyond sweaty hands..

Some people like to remove even the original grip and then only use one overgrip. Others like two or even three overgrips. Some think its enough with the original overgrip. The truth is, at the end, it is a very personal thing – but most importantly, you need to find a thickness that makes you feel comfortable, that doesn’t force your hand and gives you pain from griping too hard. You need to find the right balance between control and mobility of the racket.

Lastly, but not less important, the grip can also help us in preventing injuries. If our grip is too thin, it will mean we are going to need more force to get a good drip, and therefore opening up more chances to have pain in our hand or arm.


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