Our popular clinics can now be booked. Don´t miss out and take your padel skills to the next level.

We arrange our popular clinics in padel clubs around the world. Our clinics can be taylormade, from 60 minute long training sessions up to a full weekend course or even longer.

Here we deep dive in both the technique and understanding of different game strategies and tactics.  It´s all up to you and we make sure to adjust the clinics after your needs. The levels can be from beginners up to advanced players depending on what you are looking for.

Let us know if you want to join and book a clinic as a single player or if you´re a business owner/manager and want to arrange clinics for your padel club. We adapt individually to each client and make sure they have the best Padel experience, like they had never had before.

We also have different intensive courses for the advanced players. Here we take it to the next level and involve highly experienced coaches and technologies to make the best improvements on the players game.