Sometimes it doesn’t matter who has the best technique or is stronger. In Padel, the team who makes the least amount of mistakes, will win.

There will be days when we will really be “feeling” the ball and will have a fantastic touch and are able to create and win beautiful points. Other days, we simply have to get to work, play consistent, less risky shots and “simply” not miss to be able to win the game.

Let’s start by clarifying the two types of mistakes or errors we can make on the Padel court. Some are avoidable, and some are not: if our opponents are pressing us, and we miss or are not able to return a good playable ball, there is nothing to do. Props to the opponents. But it is those unforced errors, where we make an easy mistake or leave the ball on the net simply by our own mistake, it is those that we need to minimize to give ourselves a bigger advantage at winning more matches.

Tips to make less mistakes:

Keep focus

Big reason for making mistakes is we were not ready for the opponents shot coming to us. We should always be focused even though the ball is not coming to us, and trying to keep one step ahead of the next ball in play.

Keep your self active, feet moving and locked into the game to not lose rhythm and keep in focus.


Position is all about being able to return the ball back to our opponents in a better way. A common reason why mistakes are made, is because we are caught out of position or in a bad position.

Hand in hand with the previous tip, keep focus on the game, and you will end in better positions – therefore making less mistakes.

Shot variation

Poor shot selection tends to be another reason for mistakes. Usually, we want to end the point too soon or when we get a ball that is not ideal to try and finish a point. Or if we can’t make a decision between shots – we let the bad decision get to us and we end making a mistake.

Every situation has a best shot selection possibility. Don’t get caught up in always trying to make the prettiest shot, or finishing a point too quick – instead choose shots that you dominate and feel comfortable with.

Don’t rush!

As mentioned on our previous tip, work the point. Wait for the ball that allows you to make the best possible decision with your shot to finish a point – but don’t think that the first ball is the right ball. Don’t get caught up on trying to make a winning forehand from the back of the court.

Remember, be patient. Always try to win the net position and from there win the point.


No question about it, the better we get as players, the less mistakes we are going to make. Surely that means playing a lot of games, but you also need to train and practice.

Jump on a course, take classes with a coach – improve your technique and improve your shot control.

Play diagonal (cross)

It will always be easier to play cross or diagonal. This does not mean we have to only play cross or diagonal, but simply put: if you are in a position where you are under press or complicated during a point, play cross. Then when you have more time during a point 

Play easier

No need to overcomplicate it, the main goal is to get the ball over the net. Don’t get caught up on trying difficult shots.

Good to always think what we are going to do during a point, but don’t overthink it and stick to shots you really can make.

Of course and even with all of this tips, we will still miss shots, and that is ok: everyone misses and makes mistakes. The goal is to simply minimize the amount of mistakes make. 

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